Instapump Fury

Instapump Fury Adidas x Reebok collaboration is here! Find out everything about the brand new collaboration of Adidas and Reebok! For the first time in history, Adidas and Reebok are creating the brand new line of footwear! Be the first one to find out all of the latest releases and news about the Adidas x Reebok collaboration!

Adidas x Reebok Instapump collaboration will bring us Fury Boost “Black” on December 6, 2019! One of the best technology when it comes to running shoes is ...

After the announcement of the Adidas x Reebok collaboration we know that miracles do happen. Even though Adidas bought Reebok back in 2005 for $3.5 billion, the collaboration between these brands had never happened! All of the Reebok products were totally independent. 15 years have passed and now Adidas and Reebok are presenting their first model of the shoes. The most recognizable technology behind the Adidas footwear is its Boost technology while Reebok boasts with its Instapump system. From what we know, the latest model will feature both and the idea behind it is to create the ultimate low-tops running shoe of all time. The first model of Adidas and Reebok is known as Adidas x Reebok Instapum Fury Boost! This model comes with supportive straps on which you can see both Adidas and Reebok logo and the current colorways are black and purple, black and white, black and yellow, all white and all black. The success of this collaboration is yet to be seen, but if everything goes as it should, we may see even more Adidas x Reebok shoes on our shelves in the future.
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