How Long Does Flight Club Take to Ship [Orders Tracking]

Do you want to buy some vintage sportswear? Flight Club is the perfect spot to go to. You will get high-quality sneakers and apparel at your comfort based on the shipping fulfillment mode you choose. Flight Club mainly deals with sports apparel and sells some high-end items that will make you happy. In this article, we will discuss how long it takes Flight Club to ship.

FlightClub is a remarkable company based in the United States of America. If you are a sneaker lover, the Flight Club is a great place that you can check. However, as much as you may want your item to be delivered within a certain period.

You may find that some weather or courier limitations may lead to this not being the case. Therefore, it is crucial to always order items in advance so that you can get the items in time.

How Long Does Flight Club Take To Deliver An Item?

Flight Club Take To Deliver

Delivery on Flight Club is a bit unique based on the nature of the item. Therefore, when making purchases you need to check the various pricing options that determine when your item will get to you.

Lowest price items – These orders may take up to 7-10 business days. However, there is an exclusion of any public holidays. However, this time range is for items within the 48 contiguous states.

Fastest to You (before 2 pm) – These items are delivered within 3-5 business days. Therefore, you can get the item that fast.

Fastest to You (after 2 pm) – These items are delivered within 4-6 business days. Therefore, you can get your item that fast.

Whenever you make an order you will get an email notification with all the tracking information that can help you when you want to track where your item has reached. However, the time range is between that period based on the shipping method. It takes different time to choose different modes of transportation.

How Is The Loss, Cancellation, And Returns Policy?

How Is The Loss, Cancellation, And Returns Policy

Items loss is inevitable at times. Therefore, in case there is a loss of an item due to the transportation to you, you might need to sign and return an affidavit before FlightClub looks into the matter.

A thorough investigation will need to be done to ensure that you are not lying about not getting the item. Also, in case you feel you want to cancel an item, you need to do it within 3 hours of placing the order since the processing of the item happens almost immediately as the seller may start shipping the item.

However, you should always check when the seller has confirmed the order first. You can always check through your account’s ”orders” tab.

Since Flight Club acts as an intermediary and always verifies items before shipping, once the seller sells the items, and you receive them, they release the payment. This action makes it hard to refund the money. It has a strict return or exchange policy.

The reason for it is that it only sells vintage and rare sneakers which can’t always be found in perfect condition, therefore, you need to check the description of the condition of an item before actually making the purchase.

Where Does Flight Club Ship From?

Flight Club ships from different areas based on your location proximity. All orders are processed within the first 1–4 business days to ensure it reaches you on time.

However, it depends on the shipping option that you choose since some are given more priority than others. Therefore, if you need the sportswear item early enough, you need to choose the “Fastest to You” option. The shipping prices vary from $13.50 to $40 based on where the item is to be shipped to.

You also have the option to ship your order to a different address from the one you regularly use. Just ensure you provide credible details. For example, you may want home delivery rather than work delivery.

Can I Pickup My Item Instead?

Can I Pickup My Item Instead

Yes, If you are in a position to pick up your item, you are allowed. Flight Club has an in-store pickup option that allows you to take the item. However, you need to give Flight Club about 1–2 business days before going for the item.

However, there is also the option to wait for it to be shipped to your place within 10 business days maximum.

Can I Track My Order On Flight Club?

Just like other online stores, you can always track your order at Flight Club. First, log in to your account and view the order history and status. You can always track using the tracking number. In case there are any issues, customer service will always be ready to help.

How Is The Verification Process On Flight Club?

How Is The Verification Process On Flight Club

Flight Club always strives to verify items from the seller before sending them to the buyer. Authentication is important to ensure that items are sent as they should to prevent any inconveniences.

The staff always give their best to ensure no counterfeit items are sent to buyers. To be on the safe side, you can take a video when you receive an order, unbox or inspect the sneakers. Also, ensure not to remove the Flight Club tag until you are satisfied with the product. All the sales are final, therefore browse through the website well.

What Transport Modes Are Used By Flight Club?

FedEx, USP, and USPS

They mainly use road and air transport based on where the product is going. Also, it outsources help from FedEx, USP, and USPS. Therefore, you can be assured the item will reach you in the right condition after verification.

Order The Best Sportswear From Flight Club


If you want to get the best sportswear, Flight Club is the perfect platform to check out. Not only are the items vintage but also come at an affordable price. The only disadvantage would be that there are no returns, however, luckily, the products are always checked to ensure that buyers get something worth their money.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to order from them. Also, be sure to choose the best shipping method to ensure the item reaches you on time. Therefore, regardless of whether you will be gifting the item to someone or for personal use, you can feel satisfied with the fast shipping.


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