How Long Does GOAT Take to Ship [Expert Experience]

GOAT ships items locally within 7–10 business days while it ships internationally within 10–25 business days. It has high-quality apparel, accessories, and sneakers that you can’t miss out on.

GOAT is a remarkable platform where you can purchase the best sneakers, apparel, and accessories. You shouldn’t be left out when making some of the best purchases. GOAT tends to work with different sellers and therefore, that can deter how long they take to ship items.

Based on the region, GOAT takes a different amount of days to ship items. However, most of the shipping occurs within the stipulated time, therefore you won’t wait for too long.

We will provide an overview of how long it takes GOAT to ship items.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship To Different Places?

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship To Different Places

In most cases, you find that GOAT takes about 7-10 business days to ship to customers in the United States. The time range is because the seller must first send the item to the warehouse, where GOAT authenticates it before they send it to the buyer.

The seller is often given around 3–4 business days to deliver the item to GOAT, 1–2 days for verification, and 3–4 days to reach your doorstep. Therefore, you can give it approximately 10 days before you get the item.

However, you need to check whether shipping happens in your region before you decide to make any GOAT purchases. If you need it urgently, then you better approximate your time well.

How Is Local Shipping Fulfilment Of GOAT?

Local Shipping Fulfilment Of GOAT

If you are in the United States, you qualify for local shipping of items. However, if you are out of the United States, you qualify for international shipping fulfillment. However, even if you qualify for local shipping, it also depends on the items that you ordered. There are two types of items; standard and instant items.

If you have browsed through the website, you might have seen items labeled as “instant” while some are not labeled instant. Those not labeled are the ones that must first move from the seller to GOAT for approval before any shipping. These are the standard items.

On the other hand, there are those items labeled as “instant”. These are the items that have already been submitted to GOAT and once you order they are sent to you. They often have undergone verification therefore, the delivery time is a bit reduced. It takes about 3–4 business days to be shipped to you.

How Long Does Shipping From GOAT Take Internationally?

In case you are not based n the United States, then you qualify for international shipping. This type of shipping takes between 10–25 business days based on the time the seller provides the item, the verification process, and shipping to your place.

This is unlike local shipping which takes a shorter time. However, in as much as you might get your item within that period, the location distance and some country’s regulations can deter the time taken to ship to your place. Therefore, you need to give it a month to get your item.

How Can Make My Item Be Shipped Faster?

How Can Make My Item Be Shipped Faster

If you don’t want any kind of delays when you order an item, it is more reasonable that you provide all the right information like shipping address, payment information, and billing address on time. Also, countercheck to ensure there is no information that you have left out.

Furthermore, it is more reasonable to make orders during business hours. This ensures that sellers get the notification early enough so that shipping to GOAT or from GOAT to you can start.

Validation of an item can only occur during business hours, therefore, you need to be wise enough to make the orders during that time. Also, because there are often different shipping methods, ensure you choose the one that suits your needs best so that it can reach you early enough.

Can A Seller Fail To Ship My Item On a GOAT?

Well, seldom do sellers fail to ship items. GOAT has a policy that allows sellers to ship items to them within 3 days. However, if they don’t GOAT tends to cancel the order. GOAT loves when sellers abide by the rules of the platform and if they ship after three days, they may fail to accept the item.

Therefore, after ordering the item and noting that it has been canceled, you must check the reason. GOAT is strict on shipping at the right times.

How Can I Track My Order On GOAT?

How Can I Track My Order On GOAT

Once you have ordered our item from GOAT, you can start tracking your order. Therefore, you need to first give it three days to be shipped to GOAT, and then start tracking from then in case there is no cancelation. You can use your account to track or use the GOAT app to track the order.

While on the GOAT app, go to the order tab, input the order tracking number, and see how far it is. You can also always contact customer service if you are not sure where your item has reached.

Also, if you have an instant item, it can be shipped as soon as the next day. You can also be checking emails sent to you to approximate when you will get your order. Of course, besides the Goat, there are many sites that can also buy and sell second-hand shoes.

Does GOAT Ship On Weekends?

GOAT can deliver on weekends based on the day that you order. However, most shipping fulfilments are done during weekdays. In as much as items might reach you on weekends, though seldom.

Sellers aren’t required to ship orders to GOAT during weekends. Mostly all the shipment occurs during working days. Also, if in the United States, GOAT uses USPS, FedEx, and UPS to ship items. However, for international shipments couriers may differ, However, you will get information on the exact courier.

Order The Best Items Through GOAT

Order The Best Items Through GOAT

GOAT is a great platform that you can trust. Therefore, you can order items in items and either approximate whether you will get it within 10 days if locally or 10–25 days if internationally. Therefore, you can just guess when the item will reach you.

It is crucial to always be sure of the timing so that you can get items without any delay. Also, browse through the platform to find the perfect items with the best price so that you can get value for your money and highly remarkable items.


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