Is GOAT Legit? Facts Need to Knows Before Buying

GOAT has been in existence since 2015 which has made it gain popularity over time. You can buy different accessories, apparel, and sneakers from the platform.

If you are a sneaker lover, you need to be sure of where you make your purchases. Many legit and non—legit platforms sell high-quality sneakers. However, what happens when you stumble upon a fake online marketplace?

That’s why it is important to know more about the legit sneaker online marketplaces around. The online store may be legit, but are the sneakers being sold legit? In most cases, platforms act as an intermediary between the seller and buyer.

Therefore, when trusting a platform, you need to research its authentication procedure to see whether you can be prone to be sold off fake sneakers and the return policy to prevent any conflict. In this article, we will learn more about the ins and outs of the GOAT platform.


What Is the GOAT Platform?

What Is the GOAT Platform

GOAT is a platform that allows the selling of sneakers, accessories, and apparel. Sneakers are the most sold niche in the platform. Through the platform, you can access both new and old sneakers at your comfort.

If you are looking for a sold-out sneaker, GOAT would be the perfect place to check. Many rare sneakers can be found on the platform. Just like most secure marketplaces, the sneakers undergo an authentication process to check the legitimacy of the sneakers.

It was founded in 2015 and has grown to have millions of buyers and sellers from 170-plus countries. It is a legit platform that people have grown to trust over time. Therefore, if there is an item that you are eyeing don’t shy away from buying it.

How Does GOAT Platform Work?

Does GOAT Platform Work

GOAT is an online marketplace that allows buying and selling of high-end sneakers, apparel, and accessories. Therefore, if a buyer wants to buy exclusive sneakers, they can access the platform and purchase them with GOAT being the intermediary.

In the platform, a buyer can either contact the seller directly if they need clarification or make a price offer. The platform is that flexible. Once an agreement is made, the item is shipped by the seller for authentication by the GOAT team before being shipped to the buyer.

The money is then released when the buyer is satisfied with the shoe. However, before shipping, the buyer should have sent some money that is kept on hold till the process is finished. GOAT then takes a small percentage of the selling money. If you want to know more about the Goat, you can also read its complete reviews.

How Is The Shoe Authentication Process Done By GOAT?

Shoe Authentication Process Done By GOAT

Due to the increase in fake sneakers, GOAT does their role well to authenticate the sneakers before sending them to the buyer. Authentication is done in various ways, digital authentication, hand verification, and through machine learning technology.

When submitting any product listing, all sellers are required to take multiple pictures of the items from different angles. Once it gets a buyer, the GOAT team authenticates it before sending it to the buyer.

In case it is not legit, the seller gets the product back and is requested a full refund of the money cashed in by the buyer.

Does GOAT Only sell from 3rd Party Sellers?

GOAT works as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. Therefore, you ain’t buying directly from the GOAT company but from third-party sellers. They sell different sneaker brands like Supreme, Adidas, Nike, Balenciaga, Jordan, and many more.

The pricing on the GOAT platform is based on the seller. Therefore, you can check different online platforms to see whether these specific sneakers are being overvalued. However, the GOAT platform mostly sells legit items. Luckily, you can get new or slightly used items on the platform.

How Is The GOAT Return Policy?

The GOAT return policy only allows you to request for return of the item within three days of getting the item. The items should return in the same condition as you bought them. Therefore, try to authenticate their legitimacy early enough to prevent disappointment.

Also, remember to ship back the item with the box, tag, and the other accessories it came with it. A checklist is often used to check whether the item returned as it should.

How can You Buy On GOAT?

It is not that complicated to buy from the GOAT platform. GOAT is the perfect platform to buy your next sneakers.

Step 1: Create an account on GOAT

Step 2: Browse the GOAT website, till you find the perfect sneaker that you would want to buy.

Browse the GOAT website

Step 3: While browsing check whether they are new or used shoes, apparel, or accessories.

Step 4: Check the shoes and either buy directly from the seller through GOAT or buy a pre-verified one that first ships to GOAT and then to you.

Check the shoes

Step 5: Finish all the steps, complete the purchase, and have it shipped.

How Can You Sell On GOAT?

Do you have some legit items that you would want to sell? Then GOAT would be the perfect place to start.

Step 1:  Create a seller account on the platform.

Step 2: Check the transaction charges and all other important information

Step 3: Take some photos of items that you want to sell in different dimensions.

Step 4: Set a price for your items.

Step 5: Post your listing to the public on GOAT and be hopeful to make sales.

Step 6:  A buyer will make a purchase, once it is shipped, and they are satisfied with the item, the funds will be released to the seller.

Is GOAT Legit?

GOAT is a credible platform that you can use to sell. However, you need to be careful as a seller since your account can even be suspended if they notice you are selling counterfeit items. They only prefer legitimate items and not any suspicious activities.

GOAT has grown over the years and is legit. There might be some issues or complaints here and there about sold items. However, GOAT tries its best to ensure that customers are satisfied at the end of the day.

Therefore, if you want sneakers, apparel, or accessories from reputable brands, GOAT is the perfect platform to check. As a buyer also research well on the items before making any purchases to get the best deal on the platform.


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