Is KICKS CREW Legit? Expert Guide in 2023

Making online purchases can be scary if you have ever been scammed. However, you can use KICKS CREW to order an outstanding sneaker and rock it in your next stylish look.

If you are a sneaker fan, you have heard of KICKS CREW. However, with the onset of too many online stores, you may get confused about the most ideal place to make your next sneaker purchase. KICKS CREW is another remarkable platform like StockX and GOAT that allows the sale of sneakers.

Most of the sneakers are often the trending ones and often sell so fast. If you have ever been scammed, you would want to take all the relevant precautions needed.

We will provide an overview of why you should trust KICKS CREW online platform.



KICKS CREW is an online platform that allows the sale of sneakers and apparel. It deals with great brands such as Air Jordan, Adidas, Nike, Yeezy, Converse, PUMA, New Balance, and much more. Therefore, if you are looking for such, you better head to KICKS CREW.

Once you make a purchase, based on your location, it may take 2–3 weeks to get shipped. However, you will be pleased with the item. It also allows the return of items in case it doesn’t please you, and you will need to pay the shipping charge.

Apart from that, you can be assured of legitimate sneakers. It was founded in Hongkong but has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Having been in existence for over 13 years has made it grow over time and gain different people’s trust. So, don’t be left out.

How Legitimate Is KICKS CREW?

It does all its operations in the open and has a large following on most of its social media platforms. Therefore, you can be sure that you can get all information you need through its platforms.

Additionally, even though there might be some complaints here and there regarding it, its advantages, outweigh the disadvantages.

How Does KICKS CREW Work?

How Does KICKS CREW Work

KICKS CREW doesn’t own all the items it showcases on its platform. Instead, it showcases items from different sellers. Therefore, they partner with different sellers to fulfill all customer’s needs.

Just like most remarkable platforms like GOAT. The seller updates his or her listing and when a buyer makes a purchase, it is sent to the KICKS CREW warehouse for authentication to check the legitimacy of the sneakers.

If legitimate, it is sent directly to the buyer and once the buyer is satisfied with it, the seller gets their payment. The item is authenticated based on quality, material, sizing, and color.

How Is The Refund And Exchange Policy In KICKS CREW?

It is crucial to always check the refund policy before engaging with any platform. KICKS CREW has one of the best refund and exchange policies. However, you need to apply for a refund within 7 days of receiving the item and when returning the item, ensure the product and box are in good condition.

You shouldn’t have tampered with it at all. After the refund, the initial shipping charges and 15% of the transaction charges will have been removed. In case you choose to exchange an item, you will need to pay the shipping cost and price difference. The reason for the exchange needs to be valid.

How Is The Order Cancellation Policy?

How Is The Order Cancellation Policy

It takes about 2–3 weeks for the item to reach an individual. However, the KICKS CREW platform is not responsible if an item is returned due to the import and customs policies of a country. Therefore, you need to research that before making a purchase.

Additionally, the cancellation policy is only valid before the item is shipped, when you cancel, a 15% service fee will be charged to the transaction amount. You definitely wouldn’t want that right? Therefore, be sure when making purchases.

How Is The Item Return Process?

In case an item doesn’t suit the expectations that you had. You may return it. However, it can take more time for you to return the item, get another sneaker/apparel, and get it reshipped. It can also be costly based on the charges that are incurred.

However, the item return process is crucial if something doesn’t please you. However, always take your time when making purchases.

Does KICKS CREW Cancel Purchases?

Does KICKS CREW Cancel Purchases

Yes, KICKS CREW tends to cancel purchases in case the product is out of stock, the buyer’s email and phone number are not working, payment is not received from the buyer within seven days, inaccessible billing and shipping address, or fraudulent order.

Therefore, always provide the right information to prevent the platform from cancelling your long-awaited order.

The most recommended payment methods include Master card, Visa, JCB, Diner Club credit cards, PayPal, etc.

Should I Make Purchases On KICKS CREW?

Yes, KICKS CREW is legitimate, and you shouldn’t miss out on the latest sneakers due to the fear of being scammed. It is a brand and company that has been in existence for long, and it always strives to ensure that its buyers and sellers are satisfied.

However, to be on the safe side, you must try to check the website thoroughly and even compare different prices and even reviews before purchasing since item return will cost you more money.

Also, remember to choose a color that fits your taste. Furthermore, the items are all new and unworn. Therefore, you are assured that they will last longer. Unfortunately, you can’t order two items at a time, even if you do, they will be shipped separately because sellers may be different and the authentication process will be unique for each.


Is there a certain sneaker that you have been eyeing? Then why not order it from KICKS CREW? It is a legitimate platform, and you can always return an item that doesn’t make you happy. You shouldn’t miss out on an affordable sneaker just because you doubt KICKS CREW.

It has been used by many buyers and continues to provide some of the most outstanding items. Don’t be left out, order the most remarkable item today. However, first, check whether items can be shipped to your region or not. All the best as you order your next sneaker or item! Of course, if you are worried about it, you can also choose other platforms, like Goat or StockX.


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