Air Jordan

Step aside gentlemen, this new Air Jordan 11 Low is for the ladies to look fresh in. Although not technically part of the “Sneaker for Her” collection the ...

There is almost no person in the world who has not seen the "Jumping Man" logo! Air Jordan is a model created by Nike exclusively for the best basketball player of all time, Micheal Jordan. The first model of Air Jordan shoes appeared in 1984! From the first Air Jordan model that Micheal Jordan wore, everyone wanted to own a pair of these amazing sneakers. First model that appeared was Air Jordan I in 1984 and the designer behind it was Peter C. Moore. At first, many officials from the NBA resented the first model for not having a white color on them. This particular rule of basketball shoes with white color is better known as the rule of 51%! This rule means that all of the official NBA basketball shoes must have 51% of white color! Air Jordan I was not banned because of this rule, but the next Nike mode known as Air Ship was. In 1986, Nike presented a new model of the Air Jordan know as Air Jordan II. This model was manufactured in Italy and designers behind it were Peter C. Moore and Bruce Kilgore. After the Air Jordan II, Micheal Jordan considered leaving Nike industry forever, but one man changed his mind. Tinker Hathfield designed a new model which was called Air Jordan III and it was exactly this model that made Micheal stay with Nike! Air Jordan IV is probably the model that has the largest number of fans worldwide. It easily became one of the most iconic pair of basketball sneakers that everybody wanted to own. Today, Nike and Air Jordan boast with more than 30 models that are still redesigned today. It is hard to number all of the sub-models and models from this large sneaker family which is today considered by many as one of the most popular brands in the world. There is a large data of dark history when we speak about the Air Jordan. For instance, a 15 years old boy was practically chocked to death by his classmate because he owned a pair of Air Jordan shoes which proves that many people are even obsessed with this brand. Nike doesn't own any of the production factories of the Air Jordan, they are simply there to distribute the shoes and to create a good marketing. Still, because of the nature of the contracts and other reasons, Nike is the one who makes decisions about the design, release dates and other things. Throughout the most recent history of these sneakers, Air Jordan became the official sneakers for many universities and UEFA Basketball league. The brand was worn by some of the greates NBA players of all time.
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