Air Jordan 14

AJXIV inspired by Ferrari 550 M! Air Jordan 14 is the another great model from the Air Jordan line of footwear. Here, you can find all the needed data on brand new releases, upcoming kicks and release dates!

Air Jordan 14 ‘Doernbecher’ will hit the shelves on December 7, 2019! In honor of Ethan Ellis, who was born with the underdeveloped left side of the heart, ...


Brand New Air Jordan 14 SE Black Ferrari will hit the shelves in December! The new Air Jordan 14 SE with the motifs of the famous Italian car "Black ...

It is not a secret that one of the favorite Micheal Jordan cars was his Ferrari 550 M. He was so in love with this car that it inspired him to create a model of shoes in its honor! The logo of the shoes was carefully put into the shape of Ferrari's logo so we were able to see our famous Jumping Man in his new environment. Air Jordan 14 was released on sold from 1997 to 1999 with several different colorways and details. The air ducts that you could see on the first model gave more air to the feet which made the shoes much more comfortable. It was exactly this model that Micheal Jordan wore in his last game with Chicago Bulls back in 1998! There are slight variations in the position of the logo on each release. These changes show the serial number of the model. The colorways come in many combinations, but all of them contain the black or red color as a dominant one.
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