Adidas ZX is a low-tops model of sneakers. Find out everything you need to know about upcoming release dates, news and other data here!

Adidas ZX 4000 4D I want, I can Black is back! One of the best high-quality shoes that Adidas produced was Adidas ZX 4000 4D I want, I can model! This model ...

Adidas started producing ZX model in the late 80'. At first, these shoes were seen as just another trainer shoes, but years after the first model, Adidas ZX became one of the top selling line of footwear by Adidas. Throughout the years of production, the technology behind this model changed, but the main design remained the same. One of the first models that appeared from the ZX collection was ZX 500 in 1984. Many were uncertain of its success because of the new and strange looking design, but ZX 500 proved to be one of the revolutionary models that changed the idea of how a model of the running shoes should look like. After the ZX 500, Nike produced a new system known as the Air Sole and Adidas knew that they had to create something that can compete with it. The solution for this issue was solved by creating a brand new models ZX 600, ZX 700 and ZX 800. Even though the Nike's system was better accepted among the sneakerheads, there was still a large number of the ZX fans. The fact that many people like the style and comfort of the ZX model resulted in the release of these models in 2007 with its retro look. One of the most recently created models from the ZX family is ZX Flux which proved to be a highly-sought model. ZX Flux proved to be much more comfortable and unique model of the shoes and the sales went smoothly. ZX flux comes with more 20 models with different details and colorways and soon these shoes became not only a pair of running shoes, but also a lifestyle choice! Recently, Adidas released a campaign for the upcoming models of ZX shoes where fans have a chance of creating their own unique model!
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