If you like running or consider some sport as your professional career or hobby, Reebok is your answer! Reebok is one of the most respected brands in the world of running shoes! So, find out everything about the brand new Reebok shoes, news, release dates and more here!

Adidas x Reebok Instapump collaboration will bring us Fury Boost “Black” on December 6, 2019! One of the best technology when it comes to running shoes is ...

Reebok International Limited was created in England, but the most people consider it as the American brand since it soon moved to the USA. The company was founded back in 1958 by Joe and Jeff foster. Joe started creating shoe designs at the age of 14 and already then he had a lot of ideas that easily fit the footwear for the Olympic games and other sports. Soon enough, his father recognized his talent and had decided to support him in creating one of the biggest shoe brands in the history of the modern world. It didn't take much time for Reebok to be seen on the feet of the best players from every sport. Still, with the rise of many other companies and their success, Reebok finally decided to partner with Adidas, a German footwear company that became throughout the modern history one of the most popular European brands. In August, 2015, Adidas bought Reebok for amazing $3.8 billion! From that moment up until 2010, a lot has changed in the world of sports. Adidas became the new NBA and WNBA uniform supplier while Reebok baceme the official sponsor and supplier of the CrossFit sports. Today, after more than ten years of collaboration, Adidas and Reebok start to create their new brand combining both Reebok Insta Pump tech with Adidas' Boost tech in order to give us in 2019 Adidas x Reebok InstaPump Fury Boost model which is probably the first of many models that we will see in future from Adidas x Reebok collaboration.
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